SLOW : Spoiled Ladies Of Wrestling - Ep #30

The beginning of the new TV season means Wayne & Daryl have a lot to discuss. Daryl is watching Macgyver, Supergirl and The Flash again. Wayne started watching Inhumans and The  Gifted. Not all spoilers are what you expect. Here some varying opinions on each of these.

The hype trains are in full swing with new trailers from Thor, Justice League and Star Wars. We geeked out over these hard.

Finally, Daryl binged GLOW on Netflix. Wayne told him to a while back and it finally happened. What did he like? What did he hate? Is he looking forward to the new season?

The Despoilers

This time Wayne and Daryl discuss 3 different shows and one product that our fans might like and Wayne will report back on. We talk Wonder Woman digital downloads, The Tick and The Defenders.

Spoiliversary - Episode #25

It's our 1 year spoiliversary. We've been sharing our excitement with you for 1 whole year. We aren't stopping now. This episode we discuss the movie Girls' Trip, Game of Thrones, The Tick, Thor: Ragnarok (or rather Mighty Thor:Battle Royale). Our focus though, was on the show that drops onto Netflix the very same day as this episode, The Defenders. What are we looking forward too? What are our predictions? What do we hope doesn't happen?

Spoil The Thrones Doctor - Episode #23

Game of Thrones is back and you'd better believe we're gonna talk about it. Sure, Daryl doesn't watch it anymore but can Wayne get him to watch again? Plus, it's the end of the Doctor...Who...Season (They call it a series Daryl!) and we'll talk about it and the news in that front as well. Wayne also went and saw The Big Sick, so he gives us a synopsis and review of that as well. Strap in for this episode that is exactly 1 hour long.

Spideysode w/Glenn Bristol - Episode #22

Our podcast nemesis Glenn Bristol showed up to spoil Spiderman : Homecoming for Daryl. Both Wayne and Glenn have already seen the movie but Daryl has not. Everything is out on the table in the episode. What are the best scenes? How much is Tony Stark a factor? Is Michael Keaton a good villain? Does Daryl actually care if people spoil the movie for him?

Wonder Woman Wondersode - Episode #21

We are finally 21 and old enough to drink in the States. The movie Daryl has been waiting for all year is finally here. Was it as good as he hoped? Or, did he watch it 3 times to make sure it was bad? Who was spoiled by swerves in the movie and who saw them coming a mile away. What does our film expert Wayne think of some of the more cinematic aspects of the movie?