Spoilcon 2018

It's our episode after San Diego Comic-Con 2018. We discuss all the news and trailers out of the convention. We also discuss Uncle Drew, which Daryl finally saw, and the Mr. Rogers documentary, "Won't you be my neighbor," which both saw. Buckle up and enjoy the ride. Wayne was sick, but we kept him healthy for this extended episode.

GLOWk and Spoiler and The Wasp

This week Wayne and Daryl talk a bit more TV than usual. The topics of the day are Marvel's Cloak & Dagger, GLOW season 2 and our movie Ant Man and The Wasp. Wayne got Daryl up to speed on Cloak and Dagger. It seems like a good show, but why?

Then we get to hear whether season 2 of GLOW did the first season and justice. Also, whether Ant Man and the Wasp did justice to the first movie. Spoilers! They do.

The 2 Inspoilables

The Fantastic 4 movie we deserve is discussed as Wayne & Daryl discuss The Incredibles 2. Also on the 2-2 train was Luke Cage, Season 2. Seemingly stealth dropped, they've only seen the first couple of episodes but have a lot to say.

Spoiler's 8 : Upgrade

Daryl finally did it. Daryl finally straight up spoils a movie. The movie Upgrade has a twist. Big deal, he spoils it anyway. Listen to the podcast then go see the movie and let us know if it ruins the movie for you.

Our main movie of the week is Ocean's 8. The beginning to another trilogy of Ocean's heist movies. This time it's an all female crew led by Sandra Bullock who plays Danny Ocean's sister, Debbie Ocean.

Spoilo: A Spoil Wars Story

The Han Solo spin-off movie has finally come out. Was it as bad as we thought it might be? Was it as good as people seem to be saying on social media? Are the new characters a net positive or negative to the Star Wars universe? These question will be answered along with, "How great was Deadpool 2?"

We also discussed DP2 and Wayne was irked about Shatterstar while Daryl loved that scene. Overall though, there was a lot of excitement about the movie - especially the new characters.

Spoil First, Spoil Hard, No Mercy - Ep.#45

The first season is already out. Wayne & Daryl have already seen it all. Maybe a couple times. Of course, we're talking about Cobra Kai, the new exclusive series on YouTube Premium. It's already been picked up for a 2nd season and we make our predictions.

Also, this comes out the same day as Deadpool 2 and we have a little discussion about our excitement about that. However, we will talk more about it next episode.

Spoilers: Infinity Kai

What do Thanos and Cobra Kai have in common? Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy. Thanos never says that, but we think it works. In one of our longer episodes we talk both Cobra Kai, the new show on YouTube Red, and Avengers: Infinity War.

Infinity War Hype Train

The Avengers: Infinity War Hype Train is almost to the station. Wayne & Daryl get us back up to speed on where our favorite super heroes were last seen and what they are excited to see. What do you think we'll see in the movie? Feel free to send us your (fake) spoilers so we can "Spoil A Thing For Daryl"

The Spoilers Live

Our first ever live recording of The Spoilers happened at The Pocket Theater in Seattle on April 14th. It was a lot of fun and we hope to do more. 

We discussed lots of trailers and upcoming movies. Wayne had some new bits and songs for your listening pleasure. Our main discussions of the evening were about Ready Player One and Rampage.

Pacific Rim: Upspoiling

Who doesn't like giant robots fighting giant monsters? Who doesn't like video games that become movie franchises? Wait, we just remembered Super Mario Brothers, forget that part.

This week we discuss Pacific Rim: Uprising as well as Tomb Raider. Daryl has something to say about both as Wayne hasn't seen either yet. Daryl also paid attention to all the trailers he saw before both movies and discuss our excitement or lack of over those. All along the way we discuss our first live show April 14th at the Pocket Theater and all the movies coming out between now and then.