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GLOWk and Spoiler and The Wasp

This week Wayne and Daryl talk a bit more TV than usual. The topics of the day are Marvel's Cloak & Dagger, GLOW season 2 and our movie Ant Man and The Wasp. Wayne got Daryl up to speed on Cloak and Dagger. It seems like a good show, but why?

Then we get to hear whether season 2 of GLOW did the first season and justice. Also, whether Ant Man and the Wasp did justice to the first movie. Spoilers! They do.

SLOW : Spoiled Ladies Of Wrestling - Ep #30

The beginning of the new TV season means Wayne & Daryl have a lot to discuss. Daryl is watching Macgyver, Supergirl and The Flash again. Wayne started watching Inhumans and The  Gifted. Not all spoilers are what you expect. Here some varying opinions on each of these.

The hype trains are in full swing with new trailers from Thor, Justice League and Star Wars. We geeked out over these hard.

Finally, Daryl binged GLOW on Netflix. Wayne told him to a while back and it finally happened. What did he like? What did he hate? Is he looking forward to the new season?