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The 2 Inspoilables

The Fantastic 4 movie we deserve is discussed as Wayne & Daryl discuss The Incredibles 2. Also on the 2-2 train was Luke Cage, Season 2. Seemingly stealth dropped, they've only seen the first couple of episodes but have a lot to say.

Mascots, Sandler, Gordon & Cage

Wayne saw the Christopher Guest film Mascots and reports in. Daryl saw how the Adam Sandler movies on Netflix hold up. Of course we talked about the shows of the Arrowverse, Flash, Arrow and Supergirl. Wayne got to let us know why he loves the TV show Gotham. After that he finalized his report on Luke Cage.

Doctor Strange Preview and CW Superheroes

One night after the Doctor Strange 3D Imax preview, Wayne and Daryl had quite a bit to say. Also, the CW has started their string of superhero shows. Speaking of super, Luke Cage anyone? Finally, Daryl waxes nostalgic about classic MacGyver and the comparisons to the CBS reboot.